Our Ocean Conference 2024 - Μελίνα Τραυλού, Πρόεδρος Ένωσης Ελλήνων Εφοπλιστών, στην έναρξη των εργασιών της διεθνούς διάσκεψης

Our Ocean Conference 2024
Μελίνα Τραυλού, Πρόεδρος Ένωσης Ελλήνων Εφοπλιστών, στην έναρξη των εργασιών της διεθνούς διάσκεψης:

«Η θάλασσα είναι το σπίτι μας. Την τιμούμε και την προστατεύουμε.

Λειτουργούμε με όραμα η Ναυτιλία των Ελλήνων να αποτελεί φάρο της βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης.
Επιχειρούμε, κάνοντας πράξη την προστασία του περιβάλλοντος.
Πρωτοστατούμε στις εξελίξεις και τις παγκόσμιες πρωτοβουλίες.
Πιστοί στο όραμα και τις δεσμεύσεις μας για ένα βιώσιμο αύριο, επενδύουμε, συνεχώς, σε νέες τεχνολογίες».


Πειραιάς, 16.4.2024


Η Πρόεδρος της ΕΕΕ, Μελίνα Τραυλού, εκπροσωπώντας θεσμικά την ηγέτιδα ναυτιλία παγκόσμια, τη Ναυτιλία των Ελλήνων, χαιρέτισε την έναρξη των εργασιών της διεθνούς διάσκεψης «Our Ocean 2024»:


«Welcome to my beautiful country. Welcome to the birthplace of the Ocean.

Ο Ωκεανός: according to the myth, the son of Uranus (the sky)

and Gaia (the earth). A Greek Titan indeed, who always flows surrounding the Earth.


Today, as we gather in the cradle of maritime civilization, our task is to chart a course for its sustainable future.

We live on a planet, that we call Earth, while it is quite clearly Ocean, as two thirds of it are covered by water.


Sustaining oceans is sustaining life itself. 

With this realization, we must join forces to save our oceans.

For a viable future for us all.


In recognition of this common mission, I congratulate the Greek State on embracing this inspired initiative and hosting “Our Ocean”. 

Greece’s destiny has been etched by the ebb and flow of the sea.

With a coastline that stretches over 20 thousand kilometers and a tapestry of 6 thousand islands… the sea is our identity.

We, Greeks, breathe, live, and flourish from the sea.

The sea is our bridge to the world.

This legacy has given rise to the largest ocean-going fleet.

Greek shipping is an economic and strategic powerhouse… It boasts a modern and technologically advanced fleet, proof of our commitment to the environment.

We are proud to be leaders in an industry that secures the welfare of humanity. By making global trade possible. By being the most cost-effective mode of transport for essential goods and energy. We maintain the living standards of people worldwide. Shipping is the backbone of the global economy.

The annals of history attest to this instrumental role shipping has played – and is playing - even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In shipping, we prioritize safety and environmental stewardship.

We operate under the strict global rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). We adhere to its conventions, of which 21 are directly environment-related, and we take pride in the effectiveness of these measures. Our industry is rigorously regulated for the prevention of pollution by oil, chemicals, garbage, sewage, and air emissions.

In facing the climate crisis, our sector’s commitment is unwavering.

It is fair to say that shipping has outperformed most other industrial sectors when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, considering that it is a fossil fuel captive industry.

Shipping is by far the least carbon intensive means of transporting goods.

Despite its expansive reach, the shipping industry's Green-House-Gas footprint on a per capita basis, compares to that of the lowest emitting countries. Bear in mind that shipping carries around 90% of global trade and emits less than 1/15th of the top emitting country.

But even that comparison is misleading.

The essence of shipping transcends the industrial activity of any single country. We serve the needs of 8.1 billion souls. We unite countries, people, the world.

Yet, we are aware of, and we also fully embrace our responsibility.

We firmly support the ambitious targets set by our global regulator, IMO for net zero Green-House-Gas emissions by 2050.

We commit to turn targets into action.

However, shipping is interconnected with many other industries and out-of-sector stakeholders, who determine important parameters of its activity. To achieve this goal, we must all go hand in hand.

As we move from the age of hydrocarbons to the dawn of renewable materials, shipping is poised once more to be a cornerstone in this transformative era.

Shipping is responsive, reliable and resilient.

It will power the engine of progress, in the reshaping of the supply chains. And steer us towards a sustainable future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For us in shipping, the ocean is our home.

We honor and protect it.

Ocean conservation is our way of thinking and acting.

Greek shipping moves beyond aspirational initiatives.

We are at the forefront of technological developments and innovations.


“Our Ocean Conference” is a great call to showcase our commitments to the environment.


Let us all navigate forward, united with vigilance and vision.

Let our industry be a beacon of common sustainable progress.

Let our legacy to the future generations be an ocean bursting with life».